Strategic Partnership between
Symmetry Blockchain Advisors Inc. and BlockDrop, Inc.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 Press Release for Symmetry Blockchain Advisors and BlockDrop

Symmetry Blockchain Advisors, Inc. and BlockDrop, Inc. proudly announced today their partnership to advance best practices in compliance for the blockchain industry.

Symmetry Blockchain Advisors, Inc. has set a gold standard in partnering with clients in their enterprise blockchain endeavors starting with executive education, continuing with strategy and solution building and, ultimately, with technical buildouts and implementation. Symmetry is comprised of professionals with backgrounds in business, law, finance, blockchain technology and marketing who have the depth of knowledge and expertise to help navigate the way in a space which is revolutionizing industries across the globe.

Debbie Hoffman leads Symmetry Blockchain Advisors and advises clients through their education, strategy and technical implementation related to various enterprise blockchain endeavors.

“This partnership is very exciting for both organizations. Blockdrop provides tools for lawyers to devise industry contracts, set up funds and conduct regulatory compliance and other legal document drafting exclusively for the blockchain industry. We’re proud to be partnering with the BlockDrop team,” says Debbie Hoffman, CEO and Co-Founder of Symmetry Blockchain Advisors.

BlockDrop is a first-to-market legal technology platform primarily for private law firms, in-house legal departments and legal compliance leads who service the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

BlockDrop is led by its President & Founder Jeffrey Knight, a former corporate lawyer himself handling myriad of blockchain and cryptocurrency matters for firm clients, including regulatory compliance and a host of capital raising transactions. Jeff left his legal practice to create a reliable technology resource for lawyers to dispense quality legal document templates and other resources exclusively for the blockchain space.

Jeffrey commented, “We are excited to have this partnership with Symmetry Blockchain Advisors and Debbie’s team who have the depth of knowledge and expertise to help navigate the way in a space which is revolutionizing industries across the globe.”

For more information, visit and Media inquiries can be directed to Debbie Hoffman at for Symmetry Blockchain Advisors Inc. and Jeff Knight at, CEO of BlockDrop, Inc.

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