Global Legal Group and legaltech company BlockDrop®
partner to launch interactive ‘Practical Tools’

Press Release for BlockDrop® and Global Legal Group
3 September 2019

Global Legal Group, Ltd. and BlockDrop®, Inc. announce an exciting strategic partnership leveraging BlockDrop® technology and led by Global Legal Group and its vast network of globally recognised legal experts.

Through the joint venture, they will launch interactive ‘Practical Tools’, an innovative platform for legal experts in the most prominent and in-demand practice areas in the legal industry today.

Jeff Knight, Chief Executive Officer of BlockDrop®, says of the partnership: “The opportunity to collaborate with Global Legal Group is a great privilege. GLG has demonstrated for nearly two decades that thought leadership and practical know-how from globally recognised lawyers captivates a global audience. Our joint venture will bring that practical know-how into even sharper focus and as an effective vehicle for engaging top legal experts.”

Chief Executive Officer Dror Levy of Global Legal Group adds: “As one of the fastest-growing legal information platforms globally, we constantly seek to ensure that our offering brings our contributors’ competitive edge to the fore. This partnership with BlockDrop® allows us to offer thousands of law firms across the world the opportunity to showcase and leverage their work product on a practical level. We look forward to working with the BlockDrop® team and bringing this truly unique offering to market.”

Global Legal Group
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